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How to Create a FREE Business Card and Virtual Business Card !!!

How to Create a FREE Business Card and Virtual Business Card   !!!
hey guys this is out from set in company
Jack Compton gonna be showing you how to make a
business card using software that you probably already have costco ink refillHow to Create a FREE Business Card and Virtual Business Card !!! axis
now I am actually in Google Drive arm what I've done is
I asshole opened up a regular document
file in Google Drive and I've
inserted my logo here I
of course name title disinformation
about how you can contact me and then
online digital prints also I'm gonna be putting a QR code in this space right here
are so that people can scan a and actually be taken to
my website when a receive my business card alright so
I've done this it's this isn't actually in Google Drive
which you can actually do the same thing if you had a
are you know Microsoft Word War
some other type of word processing software as long as it has the ability
to arm insert photos
or insert images alright so done that
now the question is how do I get my this to
be a card all right now there's another tool we use
it's called the snipping tool and I'm gonna pull it up here
its actually in arm if you have a Windows computer
%uh the snipping tools already it probably installed on your computer you
just need to do
a regular search on your computer in search box
I'll near the near the home key
I'll 4 snipping tool or if you have a Windows
eighty or higher version you just start typing
are in your absence in the snipping tool will appear
alright so once you have the snipping tool
what you gonna do is you can't click on where it says new
and then you're going to make sickly cut
out this are card okay we can take
a basically a screenshot of it and
then we're going to given a name save it onto
our computer and this remember are where we say did
now ready did this so I'm not gonna go through that process
on so we can disclose this re:
and then the next step after you've created that now you gotta load it into
a photo editing service in a

is available at arm photo of flexure
back calm so you wanna go love photo flexor
and it's spelled aft
bath L the acts ER now one she golda photo flexor
there's going to be a large upload button you can click on that button
and you're going too far I ended this car that you just download or your car
that you just download
and you're going to uploaded the photo flexor
now the next thing in my case I had to install
hurr coach so far I have to install a QR code
are what you wanna do is you want click on where it says load other photo
and it'll give you the ability to keep this here
but also load another photo sold the
other photo will appear on top with this new shrink it down
and put it ride in this section over here
now after you're done you're going to need one
other retool and Nat is
you gonna need a photobucket cap so we're gonna go over Photobucket dark
ominous is how it looks
after I you card is made
I am or how my card looks
after it's made and it has I'm my information
it has the QR Cole that I put in there
now arm I kinmen take this
are direct link and i cant with this
in my email ORAC in San
this finished product
over to my prayer or someone who's made cards for me
arm or I can uploaded onto
a us site that allows me to
arm in a print online
alright so you gonna need this direct cold here if you can install this
into your email so that you can send out are
cards in your email now I'm happen be using Gmail some gonna show you how to
do that
so you just click right here in its ok copy
this information right and
to your notepad and then you're gonna go over to your Gmail account for your
and then you gonna click on worry its sense
Sedins are the
control gear and you want to click on where it says settings
and you want to scroll down all the way down
to we're at the signature area is
you wanna make sure that the signature
is the button is checked
as the little black that indicates and then you can see that
already have no information here arm that are already set it up
now what you wanna do is to insert a new
image that you just had you want just click on the area
let your pursuer your cursor be there and then
you want to click on way says insert image now when you click on Insert image
what's gonna happen is you can have the option to choose
arm how you insert that emits
alright so we gonna click on a Mac and then we're going to go
over to web address
and and Nats right in here is where you
were to click arm for to insert that on direct link that you got
from Photobucket and then it is
our league Armin storm of course not gonna click on that
what happens is once you do that you know give you the option
to test the link you test it and make sure the goals
arm that it shows up there
an it'll show you the exact picture above the
car that you have and then you selected and man you card should appear just like
it did they are here
now when you click on the scar he gives you the option of course to make it
medium large or the original image arm
the original image was quite large so I just needed
on the large cement instead of the original him and so can reduce the size
it depends on the image you have guys so disarm you can play around with that
now you got it in here guess what you still wanna make it clickable
so how do you make it quick wash you see it I have
are the social media icons all these are clickable
the cards clickable so how did I do that it's very simple
what i dnt is basically you wanna click on the card itself
and you just move slightly over until
charms blue right next
army transplant that means it's been selected and man you wanna
click where it says link here and then
you can just put in the week a box or pop-up
to the link that arm where you can direct
your are clicks to so it's basically you're putting in the website
that you want arm when someone clicks on nested
to be take into alright and the same thing does she knew the exact same steps
good each of these social media icons youjizz loading them one by one
and you're following the steps that we did our aunts
to actually load on the car now
arm when we click off at a course it doesn't Tom
our own state blue but again let me show you that
each wanna be social media icons is linked
this is linked to your arm you too
this morn right here is linked to
are mmm to compare click often include on
chart in nets line
and you can see that
and man of course this is the ER LinkedIn profile and so on and so forth
so that's basically how it works another key point
is dad arm I E I am usually
from tried it make sure that I
go down to the bottom here and I E are wrong click on
arm avoid unit code r
thats that's slightly she element here
few are wanna make sure that this thing works completely you want to make sure
that you click on
we're it which unico but I've seen it work
in abner home situations where people didn't have to do that
so I don't know if it's absolutely critical but I know
that I like to do that Renn you hit Save Changes
any have to hit Save Changes and everything
charms out great our guy so that's how
are you can basically make
a free business card in making its arm
clickable an you can have that
are disseminated do you email if you need help
almost any business related projects we're here to help you start
our scale and monetize your business thanks so much this is
out from Tekken company back how car
do *** ***

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